Sep 062010

Sooo… After a lot of time spent doing other stuff that fun (=boat) stuff, I am starting to get to the bottom of the piles of cruft that have gathered since I left for Estonia.

Today I did the casting of the mast collar. The old method of inserting rubber wedges between the mast and the deck ring has apparently fallen out of fashion. Of course a cast plastic collar is much better. It is watertight and provides much better load distribution around the perimeter of the mast than a few rubber wedges would:

  2 Responses to “Back in action: Deck collar casting.”

  1. Hi,

    Could you please describe the casting a bit more?

    What kind of plastic do you use and where can you get it?
    Is the plastic elastic?


  2. It’s some kind of epoxy polymer. Not much elastic to human touch, maybe more to mast forces :-)
    Have a look at