Aug 062010

First of all: I still do not have the correct stuff to get photos from my camera into the ship computer. But you can find a lot of images taken by a local newspaper photographer here:

And here is an image from todays sail from Kuivastu to Kuressaare:

We are having issues with the keel, I am afraid. It is currently stuck, but I have hopes we can solve this before Monday. There are also several leeks in the piping systems. But all this is dwarfed by the good news: 7 knots at 2000 rpm. 9.2 at 3000. Turning radius is about 10 meters at speed. And you can see the accuracy of the waterline!

  10 Responses to “Pre-maiden Journey”

  1. Man on a journey, you look beautiful Jesper. And so does The Journeyman.

  2. That is such a beautiful image – the ship with it’s creator! The JM is looking stunningly good in the water! A big, once again Jesper, congrats. I’m certain that you and JM will overcome any “problems” small or big that might occur, as someone posted, you are the wizard!

  3. An amazing yacht! If no wind. Who nee sails. She looks great.

    The cockpit looks really nice (on the Saarte Hääl pictures) and I am sure you will experience A LOT from that place. I’m looking forward to see the video interview Martin was shooting on the pictures.

  4. Fabulous news Jesper. Big Congratulations. And you’ve already got people fighting over the steering!


    PS. Sorry to hear about the leeks in the piping… if you manage to catch some of the little devils — here are some ideas about what to do with them :)

  5. Martins said it – beauty in every dimension! Good luck with the stuck-ness! And welcome back to Sweden in a few days time, hopefully! /peter

  6. Nice!!!

  7. Congratulations. Journeyman looks so good, and it got to feel so cool to see the calculations behave in the water. Jesper, very impressive. See you soon.

  8. Hope you stay in Kuressare during the serial thunderstorms, the squall lines between the hotter eurasian and cooler scandinavian weather seems firmly entrenched in the baltic sea…

  9. When are you due to Sweden?
    What do you other blog readers say – Should we arrange a nice home coming party??
    Safe and Happy sailing home

  10. Jag är extremt intresserad av att få träffa dig och och din fina skapelse. Skriv gärna något inlägg om var och när och ifall det passar vart man kan få gratulera dig.