Jul 232010

Being busy is about the lamest excuse for not blogging, I know that. But I’ve been doing 16-19 hour working days the last 10 days, so I had to get the tempo down a bit before I could find the peace to write here. It is somewhat exhausting trying to lead a team of 7 people in building a yacht interior, when none of them have any experience of doing this before.

We also had all sorts of external trouble imaginable. It has been a nightmare to get the correct parts delivered for all the hydraulic machinery, for example. It was ordered in May. And last parts will be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully. The guys doing the bottom paint had to take the filler off twice due to mistakes when mixing the resin. But now it’s on and good, so paining can move forward finally. And for me, being used to be able to find anything in a store 20 minutes away, it’s difficult to work in a rural area where the closest hardware stores are 50km away and have very limited supply.

However. The interior is coming along. Lot’s of things remain but I think these images will give you a taste.


Navigation table:

Shower. Notice the BIG designer mistake! I misplaced one window, and didn’t notice it until it was waaay too late to change, so the forward head and shower will get half a window each. As bonus we get more light into the salon :-)

  2 Responses to “Hysteric amounts of WIP”

  1. Hehe, perfectly smack in the middle :)

  2. Niiiiice. I think it’s an innovation… dual aspect window for marine voyeurs… or any boat that can ever get close enough to Journeyman to see in (never going to happen). Keep up the good work!