Jun 182010

Dig this sink. I have been working on it for a long time. Today it arrived with enough shine to be used as a mirror as well as as a sink.

The thing is, kitchen sinks in sailboats at sea never work. The whole concept of a hole in the middle breaks down when the boat is heeling. So water doesn’t run out. After a  while the sink is filled with a disgusting slush of dishwater and food leftovers. For an inexperienced ocean sailor this makes it very tempting to skip doing dishes, especially if you are a little seasick. So the sink starts filling up with dirty dishes too. Which in turn contributes to a lower morale when it comes to keeping the salon tidy.

Since I am designing a yacht made for comfort at sea in rough conditions, I had to do something about this, of course. The complex bottom shape of this sink makes sure that all water will run out of the sink even at 25° of heel, and irrespective of pitching movement in waves.

I asked several welders if they could manufacture it for me. Some just shook their heads and went away, but some said yes. It took quite a while, but I think the result was worth it. To complement the somewhat edgy look of the sink I choose a faucet with sharp angles as well.

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  1. En sadelpunkt!!!!!!!!
    I don’t know the English name, but it is the mathematical situation of a local maxima AND a local minima in a two dimensional equation.

    I love it…..