Apr 302010

Today the keelbox will be done. So I guess next week we can finally put it in. Soooo many other jobs are waiting for this to get done…

The guy welding the inner side of the bottom plate has what I would think is the worlds lowest ceiling for a sauna. About 280mm. You can see in the picture that the bottom plate is really thick. This means that it needs to be preheated before welding, so the entire box that the welder is now lying inside is quite hot…

  One Response to “The Worlds Lowest Sauna?”

  1. Hi there!
    It looks amazing. I’m almost starting to regret that I took the centerboard solution out. Sob sob…… But only almost. I will be in Grundsund this summer. If you go sailing on the West Coast – Please come see us!!!
    Good luck with everything!!!