Feb 202010

One thing that’s REALLY hard when you are designing a virtual 3D yacht in your computer is getting the measurements of the spaces for people right. When I did the design, I was building weird models at home, equipped with a tape measure, various pieces of furniture, cardboard boxes etc. I also had 3D models of humans that I placed in the virtual models. And still it is hard to actually see if seats will be comfortable, especially when you are designing for a heeled hull!

So now that the cockpit is starting to materialize I am happy to report that the seating areas feel excellent. There are two seating heights for both crew and helmsman, and all of them feel like they are at the right height, have good visibility forward, and will be comfortable to sit on without slipping away when the yacht is heeled. The cockpit sofas are also, as I have intended, wide enough to sleep on. This is for those wonderful warm night shifts when only the helmsman need to be awake, and the other on-duty crew member can have a nap and wait for the dolphins to arrive…

  One Response to “First trial: The sofas are good.”

  1. Wow! What can I say! It is so cool to see the 3D models coming to life!