Feb 152010

You know what it looks like in the cockpit after hoisting the sails, right? Rope everywhere. And nowhere to put it away. I though I could at least try to improve that situation a bit by having two boxes to put halyard ends and such in. But since you sometimes need to release the ropes really really fast, it can’t be too much locked away either.

So I designed a couple of boxes into the hull just underneath the halyard locks where you can just shove the rope coils in, and they will be reasonably gone. But still quick to pull out since there is no hatch or anything, just a big slot.

These boxes at the same time solves another problem: Breathing air for the engine. A turbo engine like the one Journeyman has needs a lot of air. 750 m2 per hour in this case. While looking for good spots to put the engine air intakes (I didn’t want to route the pipes through the watertight bulkhead to the transom) I realised that on the inside of the rope storage boxes the intakes would be practically invisible and very well protected from rain, spray and wave splashes.