Jan 272010

  4 Responses to “Six Months in 60 Seconds.”

  1. Very nice indeed! It would be nice to see the upcoming activities presented in a similar way in a couple of months. Keep up the good work!


  2. What to say I’m speechless, great – GREAT Video! The one thing that I admire is that you already thought of documenting and doing this video when the building project started over 6 months ago… Since you have taken photos from the same angle with good intervals. At the same time when you are juggling all the other 10001 things in this project! Can just agree to what Stefan said, Keep up the good work! /A

  3. Jesper, I’m very sorry, but when I watch the video I realize that you forgot to install one of the most important features! :-)



  4. @Stefan: Wow… speachless. Maybe they should call the folks at http://www.distancia.de/ plus the folks at http://dynamicstabilitysystems.com/ and they can all get together to design the mother of freaky sailboats…