Jan 232010

As the sun sets over Oti the Journeyman is just getting ready for the big event.
All attachments are in place and tested. Tomorrow at 10.00.

  4 Responses to “The stage is set.”

  1. good luck!!

  2. Precis som jag har drömt.
    Jag vet redan hur det känns att stå på fördäck och hantera segel.
    Det ökande trycket mot fotsulorna när bärigheten ökar pga den expanderande skrovvolymen.
    Kan knappast bärga mig att se bogvågen resa sig över däckent ca 1 m bakom fören.

  3. I can see the image before me how nicely the Journeyman will turn.
    Just as seen on another boat in this video on you tube.

  4. Hi Jesper,

    Sending you and all the team our most magical wishes from San Francisco for a elegant and smooth landing tomorrow. We just watched the sun go down at the Golden Gate… we can imagine Journeyman passing under the bridge one day! How’s that for a fun future? We saw the coast of Chile in December and checked out the harbour of Coquimbo which we guess will be one of the ports of call on your epic journey. Also found a great spot up in the Andes to visit.

    Much Love
    Lena & Andrew