Jan 212010

All the details for lifting and turning the hull around are now falling into place. I am starting to feel a slight nervousness. From what I understand from the Alunaut guys it is a difficult maneuver. And I have calculated the space available under the cranes when the hull is hanging from its side. And it is about 5 millimeters…  So keep your fingers crossed that all goes well.

The new supports that Journeyman will rest on have arrived:

Two new 5 ton cranes have been installed:

And the lifting points have been attached to the hull, which also has been temporarily reinforced on the inside:

  2 Responses to “Time to get nervous…”

  1. härligt att det går framåt!
    kommer ni väga skrovet när ni vänder?

  2. Nej, det är långt ifrån färdigt ännu, vägning görs efter att aluminiumarbetet avslutats.