Jun 142009

As I’m writing this the rain is falling in a steady drizzle. Telefonica Blue has just ran aground in the Volvo Ocean Race. And I am waaay bored with packing and tidying up my apartment.  It’s a good time to dream of days to come:


This is a tentative plan for the first 18 months. It’s maybe 13 000 Nm, plus some excursions on top of that. Quite a nice tempo for a trip that starts in the fall in Stockholm and arrives in Patagonia in time for the warm season a year and a half later. 900 Nm per month on average.

A swift move through the Caribbean, stocking up on rom and roots rock in Jamaica before hitting the Panama Canal. March – April is spent on Cocos Islands and Galapagos. Then it’s time for the Journeyman to face the stuff it was designed for: Upwind and upstream southwards along the coast of Peru and Chile.