Oops… The boat got a little heavy!

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Aug 032010

The trailer that was built for the Journeyman is designed for yachts up to 20 tons. We noticed before the bulb was put on that it had some problems lifting the hull, which was then about 9 tons. Now it gave up completely. It sits at its lowest position and does not want to move up. Fortunately this is the position it will be in during the transport!

Also today the steering has seen final assembly. The engine too. I did the final engine wiring myself, and wanted to check that everything was correctly done. So I just hit the start engine for about half a second, and to my complete surprise the engine started immediately! (We have not put any fuel in the boat yet). I managed to stop it very quickly, so no big problem. Anyway, now we know it works :-)

Out and About

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Jul 042010

… no solar power yet. Too bad about the sunshine…

Jul 042010

Today it’s Sunday and most people are free from work, so the team is taking the opportunity to test-drive the trailer exit from the yard.

It turns out the exit to the main road will have to be widened a couple of meters in order for the trailer + tractor to make it out.

Next step is to get the Journeyman on the trailer the proper way. Last time we went out it was actually riding the trailer backwards. So this time the trailer needs to come in from the other side of the yard, which is a bit tricky. Luckily there is no shortage of tractors here in rural Estonia, so we can use one one each end…

May 152010

I have to admit that this afternoon was a very satisfying moment for me as a designer. It is really hard to get a grasp of the lines of the yacht while it is inside the hall. But now that it is outside, I am very happy with the lines. I think it looks great.

It took almost all day to get the hull out the door. 95% of the time was spent getting the trailer in place. Once that was done it rolled out very smoothly.

We also got quite a good test of the structural strength of the hull, since some of the maneuvers involved supporting just the ends, or putting quite a lot of side pressure on the topsides. But everything stayed stiff and in place.