Mar 032012

Last night we sailed down towards Cabo Frio. It was quite interesting. I woke up for my night shift at 02:00 in the morning and was freezing cold. Check out the measurements of temperature from our Oceansearch sensors (temperature axis left, salinity right):

These measurements were made in the spots on this map:

It turns out there is a major underwater current from the Antarctic welling up to the surface in this place.

For a while there I almost thought we were back in Sweden…

Here is a nice shot of one of the mist banks generated by the cold water flowing in over the Cabo Buizos anchorage:

Meta photo of climate measuring

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May 182011

Photos of people taking photos are always fun! In this case it is significant: What you see is well know meteorologist¬† and climate researcher Martin Hedberg from the Swedish Weather and Climate Center taking a snap of the just installed weather sensor on the top of Journeyman’s targa arch. One of his projects includes using online measurements from the Journeyman to fine tune weather forecast models for open ocean environments.