Nov 102011

We been in Lagos, Portugal now for over a week and the water in the marina has been about the same all the time. But today when we woke up the water was red.

We have gotten quite a lot of rain in the last days,and now it’s all pouring into the sea, apparently. The Oceansearch sensors report very acid water, obviously from all the byproducts of human life that just washed into the water together with the mud. Not pretty.

Oceansearch position tracking bug fixed!

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Oct 102011

As many of you have noticed the tracking and climate variable monitoring system went a little haywire as we crossed from east to west of Greenwich. The developers have fixed the problem now, so our last position is now accurate. However I can’t fix the handful of samples that were bad, since the problem occurred in the interpretation of the GPS coordinates so all backup data stored has the same problem.

Mounting research stuff and more

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Jun 222011

After the miserable weekend comes a much better start of the week. On Monday we got all cabling and piping done for the scientific instrument installation:

We also got an AIS transponder mounted. It is mandatory for the IRC class in Gotland Runt. So now I can finally see myself on my own AIS plot:

And on top of that we identified an insulation problem in the 12V system. The diesel heaters were not properly insulated. This is a propable cause of the small corrosion pits I fixed over the weekend.

Gearing up for climate monitoring

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May 062011

And it’s a lot of gear… We just finished this piece of equipment which will be responsible for the water analysis part of the Ocean Search climate monitoring project. The unit will be mounted in the bilge of the Journeyman, and run water analyses every hour. There will also be corresponding unit mounted for air variables.

Workshopping: Ocean Climate Research

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Apr 112011

I am quite satisfied with how the Journeyman is working out as a workshop space. I knew from some tests we did last fall that there is enough separation between the deckhouse and the salon to allow two different sessions to go on in parallel. And now the walls work great as whiteboards as well!

Today I hosted a workshop on the Ocean Search project: