Apr 152010

…then try, try again! The second version of the keelbox is now up for testing. As you might remember, the first one was scrapped. I am keeping my fingers crossed, please cross yours too!

A good sign of how long this has taken is that the keel has been laying around so long it’s gotten completely covered in aluminum dust…

Mar 302010

I got this old song lyrics humming in my head… I think it was a British Eurovision Song Contest entry way back when. Anyone remembers? It’s all about ripping things up and starting over again.

So anyway, two weeks ago the keel-box was almost complete. And then something went very wrong. And now it looks like this:


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Mar 042010

With a bit of violence it is possible for the welder to get inside. Good. We don’t need to get a robot…

Feb 222010

We have started to build the keelbox. The keel will slide up and down this box, so precision and parallelism of the sides is very very important. To make sure we get parallel sides of the right dimensions we have made a template in steel for both the outside of the keel and the inside of the keel box. They were finished this morning, and the fit was nice and tight. So tight in fact that they had to pe pulled appart by pulleys, which in the process almost dislocated the staircase to our office!