Remembering -25° in +20°

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Sep 272012

Much more inspirational weather in Piriapolis today. Finally it feels like the spring it should be down here. So I thought it would be a good day to start tackling the inner frames of front windows. They are screwed to small plastic cubes that are, or should I say were, glued to the hull around the window. The problem was that the gluing work was done during the winter in Stockholm. Gluing in -25°C is a sure recipe for a badly done job, but there was no choice at the time. Now its 45° warmer and I think it will work a lot better… Also because I am changing to ABS plastic from the previous PE, which is a bit hard to glue.

By the way, I am sitting on 220 meters of floating mooring rope that was just delivered. This is what we will use in the anchorages down in the Beagle channel to keep the boat tied to land when anchored.

Jan 222012

If I sweat any more now I will have to start running the bilge pump! It is over 30°C in the shade, and more inside the boat. I am struggling with dismounting the aft toilet. Here ALL joints are double glued, precisely as they should NOT have been. Unfortunately this job was done during the last hectic months in the yard, when the summer was too hot for the yard workers to work during the day, so they shifted to working at night (The boat was outside in the sun!). Myself I had to do some work during normal office hours too, so I got very little sleep and could not check everything. The design and instructions were clear: Everything was to be built so it could be taken apart again. But here the guys went totally over the top with the glue gun.

Notice my new favourite tool: A cut off kitchen knife. Hard, thin and flexible. Perfect for getting in the glued joints and cutting them apart. Still hard work, even if the joints are heated with hot air gun. Sweat sweat sweat.

Interior Design Images

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May 022011

I just uploaded a new set of images from the interior. To see them, click “Interior Design” in the “About Journeyman” menu above. Or click here.

Workshopping: Ocean Climate Research

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Apr 112011

I am quite satisfied with how the Journeyman is working out as a workshop space. I knew from some tests we did last fall that there is enough separation between the deckhouse and the salon to allow two different sessions to go on in parallel. And now the walls work great as whiteboards as well!

Today I hosted a workshop on the Ocean Search project:

Interior Home Stretch

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Mar 252011

Good way to end the week: The starboard aft cabin is complete. This means there is now only one space left to do in the interior, the corridor towards this cabin from the main salon. So we are truly on the home stretch, and hoping to be done with the last part next week!

You can see some of the unfinished bits in the photo below.

Also some people asked why the ceiling has this strange shape. It is because of the seating area for high heel angles in the cockpit. You can see the start of this seat just above the door here: