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Hardening the thruster

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Oct 062011

Sooo.. We’re still hanging out in Boulogne waiting for useful winds to move over to the UK. Tomorrow is looking good so far!

Today I took a looooong bike ride out into the suburbs to find large sized heat-shrink tubes. It’s always difficult when you are in an unfamiliar harbour to find specialized stuff like that, but I was lucky to have the first guy I asked about it recommend the right place to get it.

So now I have enclosed the connectors for the bow-thruster controller in silicon and shrink-tubes. I was a little suspicious of those connectors when I installed them, they looked not so good in a marine environment. And last legs failure proved that right. But now they should be pretty much unpenetrable even if we get major amounts of water in the sail locker.

Mounting research stuff and more

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Jun 222011

After the miserable weekend comes a much better start of the week. On Monday we got all cabling and piping done for the scientific instrument installation:

We also got an AIS transponder mounted. It is mandatory for the IRC class in Gotland Runt. So now I can finally see myself on my own AIS plot:

And on top of that we identified an insulation problem in the 12V system. The diesel heaters were not properly insulated. This is a propable cause of the small corrosion pits I fixed over the weekend.

Very long-in-the-making action item getting done.

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Jun 092011

Some tasks in the Journeyman project have been stubbornly resisting getting done. The fridge and freezer installation is one of them. As I wrote about earlier, I have done a special version of the heat exchanger integrated into the hull bottom plate.

Now the story about getting this finally connected and running involves several different companies, odd pipe dimensions and various incompatible pipe metals, hard to get parts and chemicals, companies going out of business, snotty big name cooling service firms refusing to deal with small jobs, and so on and so on.

In the end it has taken about 8 month to get to the point where I finally have all the stuff and an engineer willing to do the job. Thaar from CN Kylservice is a really good cooling systems engineer, but he keeps complaining about there beeing no space to work! I can’t imagine why, the Journeyman is pretty roomy for a sailboat. I guess he is not used to sailboats ;-)

Jun 032011

I have had four dorade boxes from Vetus mounted for my deck ventilators. I looked at them when they were delivered and thought: “Strange that they make really sturdy ventilators and mounting bases, but then put a crappy piece of plastic between them. Of course the crappy piece of plastic was not very durable, so last time we were out sailing one of them got whipped by a sheet and broke off.

So now I remade the box in carbon, hopefully it will stay put now…

May 242011

This took a lot longer than I expected it to. The autopilot is connected to almost every corner of the boat! One sensor on the targa, one sensor, pump and control unit in the transom, both the NMEA0183 and the NMEA2000 instrumentation buses, control panel in the cockpit, follow-up remote at the nav station, and then lots of power connections to make sure the power hungry pump unit runs only when necessary. Plus it sits in a not-so-easily accessed location. And after the initial connections were done it turned out to have a software bug, so I had to ship all parts down to Furuno in Gothenburg to get it upgraded, and then mount them again. Phew. But now it’s done.