May 142013


Thanks to our local crew guy Angelo we got really good help fast. The guys are hard at work, tests were done and the problem identified as a clogged pump inlet in the distributor pump. So now we are on our way again, after just one day of repairs. (and an inactive Sunday).

A comforting fish

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May 112013


So we started our crossing towards Cape Verde. But the squally weather, with its frequent calms that require motoring, we soon realized that we had an engine problem. With each squall the engine lost more power, and this time it wasn’t because of clogged filters.

So we have had to go to shore to seek an engineer to fix it. We are now in Recife in northern Brazil.

A small comfort in all this is that we caught a nice 4 kg Dorade just outside Recife. So we got a tasty lunch!

Fuel woes: Be gone!

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Sep 252012

I’ve had problems with the engine fuel on a few occasions, as the faithful readers of this blog will remember. Very annoying. It never happened in critical situations, though. But I don’t want to tempt fate… So I just finished putting together the new fuel filter system. Maybe it’s an overkill this time, but it should provide much better reliability compared to the single CAV-type water separator that was originally put in there.

So we have:

  • QL Decontaminator. Not sure if these ones actually work, maybe it’s just fluff… Because I’ve had a bit of slime growth despite having it before…
  • Dual Racor Turbine filter separators with large water reservoirs and the possibility to empty water under operation.
  • Valves to switch filter bank under operation.
  • Take-offs on input and output to facilitate scrubbing and other maintenance operations.

Plus the whole thing is now mounted outside the engine compartment, so it’s much easier to check for excess water in the separator.

Aug 122010

So we have arrived in V√§stervik. First of all I am very tired after not sleeping much for two nights, which made me press the wrong button when updating the website, and a lot of things broke. I’m too tired to fix that right now…

Anyway. We did not get very far on our first attempt. About 1 Nm outside the harbor the engine stopped abruptly and refused to restart. We got an anchor in before we drifted too far, and then a tow back to the harbor, where we discovered a blocked fuel line.

The second attempt was better, but there are still problems with contaminated fuel. But we got to our target. Now it’s time for rigging work!

Oops… The boat got a little heavy!

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Aug 032010

The trailer that was built for the Journeyman is designed for yachts up to 20 tons. We noticed before the bulb was put on that it had some problems lifting the hull, which was then about 9 tons. Now it gave up completely. It sits at its lowest position and does not want to move up. Fortunately this is the position it will be in during the transport!

Also today the steering has seen final assembly. The engine too. I did the final engine wiring myself, and wanted to check that everything was correctly done. So I just hit the start engine for about half a second, and to my complete surprise the engine started immediately! (We have not put any fuel in the boat yet). I managed to stop it very quickly, so no big problem. Anyway, now we know it works :-)