Sep 062010

Sooo… After a lot of time spent doing other stuff that fun (=boat) stuff, I am starting to get to the bottom of the piles of cruft that have gathered since I left for Estonia.

Today I did the casting of the mast collar. The old method of inserting rubber wedges between the mast and the deck ring has apparently fallen out of fashion. Of course a cast plastic collar is much better. It is watertight and provides much better load distribution around the perimeter of the mast than a few rubber wedges would:

Beautiful Lifelines

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Jun 042010

We just put the lifelines in, and in the middle of all delays and small setbacks they are making me very happy. Everything fit perfectly, and the welding work on the pull-pit is absolutely superb.

This image also shows the chainplates for the stay-sail, solent and code zero (actually I will have more of a code 2 for those who are picky with these things). The stainless pull-pit and stanchions are fitted in the deck bases using galvanic insulators made from Delrin.

Jun 032010

As you can see from the image below the deck is looking bright and nice (even if it is still full of building garbage). The inside is becoming very dark as the black insulation progresses. I did a very important thing today: Put the cockpit loudspeakers in. (Actually this is not as pointless as it sounds, the speakers go inside and the insulation should be installed around it).

Deck shaping up after some setbacks

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Jun 012010

We have been operating in a two steps forward / one step back fashion the last days, after some mistakes, some parts missing, and some being delivered broken.

But it’s starting to look pretty good, so tomorrow some guys will be moving on to the interior.

May 262010

Well… most hands, anyway. The first patches of anti-slip was a bit disastrous, but now the team has a good hang of the technique. We might end up redoing the first one, it was the sail-locker hatch which can easily be redone. At the same time, a good part of the deck equipment is ready to go in, just waiting for the guys who are painting the inside to get done. This takes a while unfortunately, since the sound damping paint dries very very slowly…