Bachman Turner Overdrive…. not.

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Mar 202010

OK, maybe the pun in the title was kind of far fetched, but anyway: Our turner has been getting busy:

These are the attachments for the lifeline stanchions. Making the stanchions in aluminum is not a good idea, since they become very soft. I have seen enough other alu yachts with bent stanchions after some unfortunate encounter with another yacht at mooring or similar.

For corrosion reasons we can’t put the steel stanchions into aluminum base attachments. So the turner has made Delrin insulators that fit in the bases, and then the stanchions go into the insulators. And in the end they are secured by two plastic set screws.

This way everything is solid and stays corrosion free.

Notice all the bases are different angles, since the deck angle to horizontal changes continuously along the gunwale. It is also worth noting that the turner had to finish the inside of the alu pipe too. Of course when you buy a round pipe, it is just “almost round”, but not completely….

Mar 032010

After two days of brain burnout trying different alternatives to the deck layout I have arrived at what looks like a simple solution. Since I think I have stared too long at this to actually see things clearly anymore I am hereby asking for feedback. The actual layout drawing is available for download: Deck Layout.PDF

I am aware of the staysail furler line colliding slightly with the anchor hatch, which is not a big problem. Also there are one less rope clutch on each side compared to the number of ropes drawn, but quite a few of the ropes are removable so there should always be enough clutches.

….a small taste of sailing!

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Mar 012010

OK, this is I think my first post of something which looks like it will become a sailing yacht, not just lots of aluminum.

We have started to position the winches and build the reinforcements for them.