Jun 142010

Somewhere on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden, a new missile is ready to launch on it’s first journey. A journey that in a few weeks will make it part of a Journeyman. From the research made in the 1900’s by a man named Young, to the super-high-tech design work of Jens Österlund at Starcs, this missile has been shaped into a real life piece of plastic by my friend Fredrik Magnusson, who deserves HUGE thanks for stepping up and taking quite a few hours away from his own sailboat building project to make the bulb shape.

Actually what happened was that the yard and their casting partner in Tallinn gave up on building the bulb, realizing the project was a bit too complex for them. So in the last minute I had to find a different way of making it. So now with Fredriks help I think we will still be able to pull this off. Thx.