Jun 112010

Lots of things are happening right now. Mostly machinery installations. But since most of the inside of the boat looks like a complete mess you will only get a picture of the outside:

The bow thruster has been install (the real, not the human version). So has the main engine, the windlass and some of the pumps. The fresh-water  and ballast tanks have been completely equipped and closed. Diesel tanks are almost done. All the deck equipment we currently have is installed. We are still waiting for a few parts here due to the never ending chaos that a certain transportation company is creating….

The interior is also starting to arrive, but I will give you pictures of that tomorrow on Monday….

Back at the yard. Nice bow completed.

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Mar 152010

First of all I would like to thank all of you who came by to say hello during the Stockholm Boat Show. I was really surprised by the number of people and all the nice comments. Thank You All!!

Now it’s back to work at full speed. While I was away the bow has been completed, and it looks very good even if the gennacker and genoa chainplates are still covered in protection. Notice the foldable anchor arm, which is also equipped with gas springs that will make lifting it in and out of the anchor-box very easy.

Unfortunately there are also some new problems, like the anchor box hatch was manufactured up-side down, and the keel-box has not yet been completed due to some accidental welding deformations that have to be repaired. But that’s all normal issues that we will be dealing with shortly!

Feb 172010

If the bow-thruster fails you can maybe try kicking your way :-)

Actually I am not a big fan of bow-thrusters. I usually consider it an unnecessary weight in the bow, where you really want to minimize weight. And a skilled skipper should be able to handle the yacht without one.

It becomes tricky, however, when you have twin rudders and a single engine. In this configuration the engine will not generate any water flow over the rudders when the yacht is still. Which means that there is no way to create a turning force on the boat unless it is moving. This is a little too limiting even for a skilled skipper I think, so the Journeyman will get a small retractable thruster.

Combating Global Warming by Snow Fairing?

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Jan 082010

Those of you who have followed this story for a while have read, and seen videos, about flame fairing.  Well… since the global warming seems to come with very cold winters (where is the logic in that, I ask myself…) Margo has now taken this technique to new heights, by introducing snow fairing:

This is the latest weapon in the battle with the very thick and curved plates in the bow of the Journeyman. These are the only ones missing now, before we turn the hull around. Let’s hope it works, because I would really like some progress. Things have been slow lately, unfortunately. Mostly because Alunaut have been very successful in getting orders for other boats that need to be ready soon. So right now only one or two people are working on Journeyman. Keep your fingers crossed for next week!