Feb 142013


Fourteen years ago I first started to think about this place. I have to say that actually going around Cape Horn was much less dramatic than the many events on the voyage down here. Partly this is due to all the modern aids to navigation. We have engines and radios and weather forecasts that makes sailing much less dangerous than it was when this place first got its reputation. And today the Chilean Armada will not allow you to go around if the weather is not suitable. So even if you want to make it dangerous you’re not allowed to…

We got down to just north of Cape Horn on a wonderful calm sunny afternoon, but decided this was not the right setting for a Cape Horn rounding, so we stayed the night at anchor and went the next morning instead, when the weather was windy and the skies more dramatic. This way we got a fully day of really nice sailing, doing 11-12 knots in 25-30 knots of wind around the horn and all the way back up to Puerto Williams.

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  1. Grattis!

  2. Congrats Jesper!

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  4. Man, it’s been quite a journey, all the way from http://journeyman.se/2008/10/20/we-have-a-new-hull/ to this milestone. Congratulations!