Jan 272013

Sure, it’s the southern-most marina. And it’s about 95 NM from Cape Horn. But it’s not only about the geographical location. The marina was created by taking an old Chilean navy supply vessel, the “Micalvi”, and grounding it in the mouth of the small river that flows out to the west of the naval base. The vessel is acting as the mooring dock, and yachts raft up around it. The spot at the mouth of the river is very protected, so the prevailing strong winds are not so much of a problem. Internally the vessel has been rebuilt with an office, showers and a really cosy bar, where everyone drinks the local speciality Pisco Sour, a drink I personally find quite horrible.



  2 Responses to “Puerto Williams – Possibly the coolest marina in the world.”

  1. A TV in Micalvi? I finally understand why Ushuaia is not the southernmost city in the world :) I share your feelings about Pisco Sour, BTW

    Have fun and try to find the flag we left there…


  2. H Jesperi, one week ago I was in youtube with my little son (he’s 6) looking for boats built out of steel (We are steel fabricators here in Chile) and found your videos about the Journeyman 60 built in aluminium. We saw them all several times…very inspiring. And today I found out that you guys are in Chile! So I thought I must say hello. ¿Are you comming up to Valparaiso?If you need place to moore let us know… maybe we can help.