Dec 242012


Last day before Christmas we took off to Volunteer Point on an excursion. There was very little wind, but there was still a bit of swell which made the dinghy landing difficult. Sandy beaches are OK to land on if the water is 25° and everyone is wearing shorts and sandals, but here the water is 7° and everyone is wearing long-johns and foulies. But we dressed up one of the crew in a heavy survival suit and he got to jump in first, so even if it was still a bit challenging it still worked.


Pretty amazing wildlife here. Schools of Albatross, Petrels and other sea-birds. Dolphins and penguins jumping around in the water as the anchor went in. Penguins everywhere, in fact.




  2 Responses to “Happy Feet Christmas”

  1. Merry Christmas Jespter!

    PS. 7 degrees in the water could be epic iin a bad sitaution. We drove through really rural areas of northern Sweden in -30 C degrees the other day. Then you dont want the car to break down or end up besides the road. Down sleeping bags in the trunk is a good idea. Prepere early – worry late.

  2. Looks amazing. Did you also put the foul-weather skimask on the crewmember? I am looking for one for biking and sailing where did you get yours?