Dec 162012

Today’s happy repair is the wind indicator that the clumsy skipper (me…) fell and smashed during a reefing manoeuvre in darkness in the crossing from Uruguay. The cover glass was cracked in several places and the salt water that got in to the unit damaged one of the background light LED’s. After deciding that it was impossible to repair the glass from the inside we just covered the whole thing in 2 mm of clear polyester. And I found a LED with the right color (but the wrong shape, as you can see) to replace the broken one.

The not so happy repair is our dinghy engine, which first refused to run. Now it has had a thorough carburetor cleaning, and runs fine, except the cooling isn’t working. So that’s next on the to do list (except of course for some Christmas decorations). We need the dinghy to be able to make excursions to the islands, since the islands are shallow, and you can’t get ashore without a dinghy.