Dec 112012

We like Port Stanley. It feel much more “real” than Ascension felt. Probably because people actually live here. They’re not just here on contract. And there’s a lot better food available in the stores. Really good selection actually, with the exception of vegetables.

This morning a couple of Norwegian guys from the Ocean Prince platform support vessel from Bergen came by to say hello. They have been here supporting the oil searching that goes on in the Falklands, but now they were about to head home. An 8 week journey steaming north over the Atlantic for them. Seems very long and boring to me. There is more to do when you’re sailing :-)
We were just talking about how wonderfully rich the wildlife was around here, when, Splash!, four Commerson’s dolphins surface just 2 meters behind the boat. And earlier today I got to pet a wild seal who had climbed up on land in the city center and seemed quite used to hanging out around people. So yes. Rich it is.