Nov 202012

Sometimes really small issues get annoyingly large. Like this one: The drawers in my galley have locks that are pretty good. But sometimes when we are in choppy seas on the port tack there is too much weight sitting on the locks and they snap open from the force and vibrations. Not a big problem. But annoying. Something is needed to secure the drawers while under way. Something that’s easy to put in and remove and doesn’t affect the galley when not in use. So we put together this securing mechanism:

  3 Responses to “Avoiding small annoyances.”

  1. Ok, that will buff out… but wasnt there a more… aethetic solution? ;-) Something along the lines like the locks for office containers: the turn of one knob or lock locks down the whole shebang from the inside. Perhaps next time…

    • I already have a lock. And this one will only leave the small eye thing when not in use. I can’t think of anything smaller. (with a reasonable effort…)

  2. Better than gaffa, and it do looks better then gaffa.
    Still, gaffa is always gaffa.