Oct 132012

One of the products that I have not at all been happy with is my Max Power bow thruster. It thrashed its internal gearbox for no apparent reason while we were in Las Palmas, so I lived without thruster since. Journeyman is not simple to maneuver without a thruster, since the “One propeller/Two rudders” combination offers no possibility at all to generate a turning moment on the boat without making way through the water.

When I installed the thrusters electronics control box I noticed that it was not very well made. It was not watertight at all. I tried to add sealant to the box and the holes where the cables came in, but as you can see this didn’t help. Not matter what you do there will be times when you have to open the forward locker hatch under way, and the occasional wave or spray will get in. So in the end there was some water inside and it fried itself. I didn’t get any warranty for the repair, but when the new control box shipped it was a completely different and much better design. Which proves to me I was not the first man with that problem…

  One Response to “Out with the old and in with the new”

  1. The new one looks just like mine. It needs replacing even though the previous owner obviously put a new one in only last year.
    One of the relays has failed so, I ‘ll get a new board and fix the old one so I have a spare