Sep 252012

I’ve had problems with the engine fuel on a few occasions, as the faithful readers of this blog will remember. Very annoying. It never happened in critical situations, though. But I don’t want to tempt fate… So I just finished putting together the new fuel filter system. Maybe it’s an overkill this time, but it should provide much better reliability compared to the single CAV-type water separator that was originally put in there.

So we have:

  • QL Decontaminator. Not sure if these ones actually work, maybe it’s just fluff… Because I’ve had a bit of slime growth despite having it before…
  • Dual Racor Turbine filter separators with large water reservoirs and the possibility to empty water under operation.
  • Valves to switch filter bank under operation.
  • Take-offs on input and output to facilitate scrubbing and other maintenance operations.

Plus the whole thing is now mounted outside the engine compartment, so it’s much easier to check for excess water in the separator.