Feb 092012

I remember when the tanks were pressure tested in the yard. As the pressure increased there were plates going “Boooink” as they adapted to the pressure. I should have taken that as a sign that something was wrong, but at the time I was thinking that the tanks would never be exposed to that kind of pressure in real life. Now I know it was a sign of possible movement that I should have listened to.

Today the second tank was completed and pressurized. Silence. Nothing moves. Solid. Good. I’m happy. Now I just need to put the interior back together. And wash my bloodstains from the boat after I cut through half of my finger when a drill bit broke earlier today. No worries, it seems I heal quickly these days. I’ll just put on some groovy music to get into a good mood for interior remount. It feels a lot better to put things together than it did tearing them down!

  3 Responses to “Tanks done and tested. Time to put things together again.”

  1. Great news! Sounds good with silent tanks, groovy music and getting your home back to normal.

  2. Superdupercongrats!

  3. Det ser ju strålande ut!
    Vi svetsar också en hel del dessa dagar nu när sittbrunn och ruff är färdiga att återmonteras.
    Bon voyage!