Jan 192012

I have started to tear down the interior to clear the way for welding reinforcements to the ballast tanks. The forward starboard toilet is now done.

So far I only had to saw one wall panel apart. There were some spots where the Estonian builders had actually followed instructions and not glued everything together. And actually, one joint where there was glue despite it wasn’t supposed to be there. But they had glued before removing the protective film on the panels, so the glue didn’t stick at all. Good for me!

You can see the tank plating in the image. This plate is about 800x800mm, which is too large as I have now learned.

You can also see the first temporary fix we made at sea outside the Swedish coast in September. Very ugly glueing :-D because the interior was not removed at that time, which made work extremely difficult.

The plan is to put reinforcement stringers on all these plates at about 300mm distance, and re-weld the cracks.