Dec 062011

Two days ago in the middle of the night we had a bang against the hull that was stronger than the usual waves-against-the-transom bangs.

Nothing else noticeable happened, so it was dismissed.

Today as we anchored in Praia and went for a swim the effects of the bang was very clear. We had obviously hit some Unidentified Floating Object, and the starboard rudder blade was completely destroyed along the upper 2/3 of its length. Only the tip is intact.

We can’t go on like this, so we immediately re-planned and are now moving back towards Sao Vincente for repairs :-(

  4 Responses to “UFO hit us with a bang. Not good.”

  1. Scary stuff…

  2. What a setback. I am sad.

  3. Bummer, just when you guys were doing so well!

    Good luck with the repair.

  4. How’s it going? Do you have enough plastic padding…? Seems to be a real hit.