Nov 102011

We been in Lagos, Portugal now for over a week and the water in the marina has been about the same all the time. But today when we woke up the water was red.

We have gotten quite a lot of rain in the last days,and now it’s all pouring into the sea, apparently. The Oceansearch sensors report very acid water, obviously from all the byproducts of human life that just washed into the water together with the mud. Not pretty.

  4 Responses to “Rain is bad for the sea?”

  1. I was at a conference last week presenting some surprising data from NASA reported a sea-level lowering 2011 with 6 mm, an abnormal trend. They believe that all that water is on-land and giving us all the flooding in the world at the moment. And what happens when all that water goes back into the oceans again… not nice….

  2. Well, sailing in muddy waters can sometimes be a bit scary.. I once encountered a bunch of alligators when I sailed a Laser in the Mississippi delta area. Reaching in 8-10 kt of wind with no water visability and then all of a sudden hitting something that has an armored tail!

  3. Well, just today, Randall Munroe may have answered this with his xkcd: Sail. Quite the coincidence, actually…

  4. @Magnus
    I think it is all the people in the world holding up the water. people
    50 kg average
    80% water litres of water
    that is a lot of water