Oct 012011

We persisted in sailing until the speed dropped so low we couldn’t steer anymore. So now we are motoring. Again. The sun is shining but it’s hazy, visibility about 2 Nm. The sea is flat and empty all around. Absolutely nothing happening except lots of birds and insects fighting for space on the foredeck. Absolut Boring. The vodka of the North Sea…

(I took this image during a 10 minute breeze when the haze cleared up, just to show that the “self-learning” autopilot has finally learned to steer the boat properly)

  2 Responses to “Booooring…”

  1. Dont worry there’ll be a whloe lot of wind later this week: Forecast shows gales of 8 for Wednesday and Thursday.

  2. U said 3 weeks @ C will teach anyone to sail.
    Looks like it works 4 a retarded autopilot as wel.