Jun 082011

Presenting “Son of the Journeyman”:

Well… I’m really not sure what to name the dinghy. Anyway, now it’s ready and running very well thanks to it’s rather deep V-shaped aluminum hull. As you can see I reused a little bit of the antislip flooring from the interior for the deck.

The hull for the dinghy was actually built by the guests that attended the keel laying party back in november 2009:

Soo… Let’s do a little naming competition, that’s always fun! What should the dinghy be called? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

  18 Responses to “A tough man needs a tough son?”

  1. Tychiades. A bit far-fetched a name for an apprentice, but the connection to Goethe’s “Zauberlehrling” is there (via “Philopseudes” by Lucian of Samosata).

  2. varför färgen svart? jag såg tyvärr många jollar i varmare vatten som spränges av överhettning/luften expanderade.

    Sedan vill jag ge ett tips om att sätta nedfällbara hjul på akterspegeln så att vågorna kan putta upp dig på stränderna istället för välta dig.

    Fair sailing

    • Svart för att den är gjord i ett supertåligt laminatmaterial som bara finns i svart. Det sitter tryckregulatorer i varje kammare så det är ingen risk för sprängning. Man pumpar tills dom löser ut så vet man att alla tre kamrarna har samma tryck. Blir det varmt så pyser det ut lite.

  3. Little Journey :-)

  4. Dinghy + Tin + Man = Tinkerman

  5. I like Craftsman. It’s a synonym for journeyman, and it’s also a craft (as in watercraft). It also shows some craftmanship since it’s custom built.

  6. I think “Journeyboy” would suit the little tender…

  7. It’s for hopping between shore and boat. Drakestone.

  8. Trogen eller Faithful!

  9. First of all: A really nice boat you’ve got, next time we’ll bring better food…

    What about “Black BlAdder”`?

  10. Wow! What a response!

    @Åke: My mother would have absolutly loved it. Unfortunatlely we very seldom have the same taste….

    @Anders: ROTFL! But I *hate* Rowan Atkinson (…along with Loffe Carlsson who is equally useless…)

    @Mark: Not a bad idea, but it’s such an uncommon word! It came out of your Estonian/English dictionary program, admit it!

  11. Here are some names……
    Martin (this is a really good one)
    Ernst (I’m gona take Ernst for a ride)
    Nina Hagen

  12. I like Andres suggestion “Little Journey”.

    To come up with simething myself I would like to propose “Hitchhiker”. Not convinced myself, but anyway.

  13. Sodwana, a Zulu word meaning “little one on its own”

  14. Hi Jesper,
    Well, the dinghy is built by us your “hang arounds” and if you translate “hang around” to swedish one translation is “driva omkring vid”. So my suggestion is simply -HANGAROUND-

    Cheers! /Anders

  15. Why Tough? How about Tender Man?

  16. Robin? The sidekick with a cape http://www.flickr.com/photos/yomamali/146558114/ :-)