May 242011

This took a lot longer than I expected it to. The autopilot is connected to almost every corner of the boat! One sensor on the targa, one sensor, pump and control unit in the transom, both the NMEA0183 and the NMEA2000 instrumentation buses, control panel in the cockpit, follow-up remote at the nav station, and then lots of power connections to make sure the power hungry pump unit runs only when necessary. Plus it sits in a not-so-easily accessed location. And after the initial connections were done it turned out to have a software bug, so I had to ship all parts down to Furuno in Gothenburg to get it upgraded, and then mount them again. Phew. But now it’s done.

  3 Responses to “After major cabling work, we have an autopilot!”

  1. Looks like it is located somewhere below the dog house on top of the transom?

    • Yes, it sits on top of the dinghy garage. This spot was picked to minimize cabling, it is sort of in the middle of where all the cables have to go.