May 232011

I am continuing my quest to make a boat that “takes care of the crew instead of having the crew take care of the boat”. Unfortunately I can’t make the boat do the dishes. But I can at least try to improve the situation a bit for the crew member who does them. Most yachts I’ve seen are equipped with a dish rack, but it usually sits on the sink top and takes up valuable space, and the dripping dishes makes everything wet.

So I will try to put the dish rack on the wall above the sink. This space was unused anyway. So I liberate some valuable working space. And it doesn’t have to be stowed away when not in use. Plus now the water will just drip into the sink.

  2 Responses to “Necessities of life”

  1. XLNT
    Rather DISCO.

  2. Suggestion: Make some kind of cover with using a net and elastic cord to put over the dish rack when you need ot secure the dish when the sea is a bit rough/the boat is leaning a lot.