Feb 172011

Just to give you a small insight into the work going on: Besides finishing the interior, we are also working on a long list of to-dos. One to-do is the need for the mast foot to be moved 20mm to aft in order to make the mast bend curve perfect. Unfortunately the old mounting holes did not allow this, so new holes had to be made.  However, making these were not so simple, since there was no room for the drill between the mast and the tie-rod after the mast had been put in place!

So I looked around for the smallest radii rotating tool I could find, which turned out to be a pressurized air wrench handle. This tool is only 30mm in diameter and it does fit in the space above the new hole position. But since this tool is designed for socket wrenches I had to weld the drill and the threading bits to socket wrench pieces to get it to work. But in the end it all came together and the holes got made and threaded: