Dec 092010

So, in the spirit of “The list of things to do tends to fill the available time” I felt compelled to do a nice walnut outlet panel for the onboard computer USB outlets. Plus a standard 12V outlet. Maybe I will regret doing things like this in 4 months time when we have a total panic getting everything ready? I don’t think so, but what do YOU think :-) ?

By the way, the standard 12V “Cigarette lighter” type outlet is really a seriously flawed design, but since I expect lots of guests on board will be showing up with mobile phone and computer chargers for this outlet I figured I might as well install one!

  5 Responses to “Will I regret the USB outlet panel?”

  1. Nice one. 4 months = 120 days = 2880 hours left to do the other stuff – if you dont sleep of course.

  2. God, as everybody knows, is in the details.

  3. After having similar 12 V outlet – ONE – I had to buy a 1:4 splitter due to all mobile phones, cameras, laptops etc.. INverter 12-230 is an alternative. /Johan

  4. Det vanliga 12 v uttaget är ju som du säger helt uselt. Har du förslag på något annat man skulle kunna använda på sina egna prylar istället för det vanliga. /Per