Aug 122010

So we have arrived in Västervik. First of all I am very tired after not sleeping much for two nights, which made me press the wrong button when updating the website, and a lot of things broke. I’m too tired to fix that right now…

Anyway. We did not get very far on our first attempt. About 1 Nm outside the harbor the engine stopped abruptly and refused to restart. We got an anchor in before we drifted too far, and then a tow back to the harbor, where we discovered a blocked fuel line.

The second attempt was better, but there are still problems with contaminated fuel. But we got to our target. Now it’s time for rigging work!

  6 Responses to “Motoring is boring… and dependent on an engine!”

  1. Welcome “home”! When can we see journeyman in Stockholm?

  2. Instämmer. Ställer mig också i kön av intresserade. Hoppas man får tillfälle att se båten i slutet av året eller under nästa.

  3. I expect to be in Sthlm around the 19th or 20th August. Probably in Fisksätra Marina, since that’s where the sail loft is located.

  4. Nice! must se it in person I guess. :)

  5. Make sure to post a notice before arriving to Fiskis, would be great to see you coming in with set sails in Baggen, I´ll be there in my RIB, exciting!!!

  6. I took a fuel sample from these double prefilters with me after first engine problem, it’s clean. It looks like you did not poor any rum in anchor box when left from harbour. There is a ship fairy called “kotermann”, usually living in anchor chain storage. It starts to tease the crew if it’s unhappy and bored. Try to make a peace with it! :)
    For more realistic and modern life get some spare fuel filters on board in case if problems will recur. Just for safety.