Aug 122010

I was hanging out in the cockpit this afternoon when I noticed an old man with a big white beard biking determinedly up to the Journeyman mooring place. It turned out to be the legendary solo circumnavigator and boat designer Sven Yrvind. A man whose taste (for microscopic single-hand sailboats) I don’t share, but whose knowledge and engineering genius I deeply respect.

  2 Responses to “Celebrity Visitor”

  1. Great guest.
    What did he have to say about your boat and your plans?
    What is Svens engagement in offshore sailing today?
    What did you learn from him?

  2. Today I spend a few hours together with Sven, and checked out his new boat. This time he is out to prove that you don’t even need a keel to sail :-) The new boat has 25cm draft. Despite his minimalistic approach I must say I found the new boat pretty complex actually, even though it is very small as usual. Lots of different equipment, rigging spars and control lines.

    We talked a lot about whether it is better to go south along the South American west or east coast. Contrary to my earlier info, Sven thinks the east coast is more interesting, and has plenty of harbors. I’m not sure if he thinks in terms of harbors suitable for a Journeyman, though…