Aug 102010

We have been working hard to get the Journeyman ready to cross the Baltic. We are now done. The keel is finally working as intended!! Some pressure adjustments and a new valves, plus a tank reorientation was needed.

To do the final testing we needed a mooring with 4 meter deep water, so we went to Roomasaare harbour. The problem here is we are moored next to a peat depot, and it’s quite windy. So the whole boat is now covered in a thin layer of peat :-(

We expect to arrive in Västervik Sweden late wednesday afternoon after around 30 hrs of motoring.

  5 Responses to “Good To Go”

  1. How nice to see the ship on water and with Jesper on top, as happy as a dog with two tails! :-) Congratulations! /Kat

  2. You are most welcome!
    Wind about 250/ 10-15 kt, veering to 170/5-10 during your journey. No or only light precipitation :) You should have a fairly clear sky until Wednesday morning, but just a small fragment of the moon is illuminated. You will shine among lots of stars during the short night and, after you’ve washed of the peat, shine even brighter when you arrive to Sweden.

  3. A big congratulation Jesper! Really nice to hear that everything is in order now, especially the keel which I’m very fond of :-)

  4. Chiming in with the rest of the choir here! Safe motoring!

  5. Welcome back!