Jul 302010

I didn’t admit it even to myself, but I was a bit nervous about this one. We’ve had so many welding deformation issues with the keel-box in the passed, so I wasn’t at all sure it would work. But it did. After a slight protest on the first attempt we greased it up with a bit of soap. And it went in with only it’s own weight. Now onwards! The bulb is next…

  5 Responses to “The keel is in. Pheew.”

  1. Nice one Jesper… great view too.

  2. The boat looks great ! Are you still working night shift or are you on the more common 3-shift-just-before-launch type of hours?

  3. The weather is more normal now, and quite windy, which makes the boat cooler. So we are on normal panic working hours…

  4. Wounderful! Really nice to see it sit there. Nice work!

  5. Congrats – well done Jesper keep up the nice work. Great view of the boat.