Jul 262010

Literally, in this case. The exit from the yard to the main road was too narrow for the Journeyman on its trailer.

  5 Responses to “Paving the road for launch”

  1. The only thing missing now is an air-strip.
    Saarema will NOT be the same after you left.

  2. Shiny silvery ship, lots of high tech, lots of infrastructure changes – are we witnessing the launch of the first space yacht?

  3. Well… I like sailing under the stars. Haven’t thought about sailing _to_ them yet, though…

  4. I was in constant fright of my exhaust system shaking loose, while visiting Saarema last week. The roads DO need some overhaul, indeed.

  5. You’ll B sailing with them soon enough.
    Just a few days now,

    Taste on

    Star Ship Commander
    Jesper Weissglas