Jul 182010

I know the list is long, but another thing that annoys me on many yachts is the fridge/freezers. An ordinary cupboard style fridge is very difficult to deal with when the boat is heeling, you open the door and everything falls out… Sometimes designers replace this with a box opening at the top, but since surface area is limited it becomes a big hole with a small opening on top, making it very difficult to see whats inside except for the top items. Not to mention getting the stuff at the bottom out.

To me the obvious solution is something more like the extension drawers found in many restaurant kitchens. A large shallow drawer that extends fully to give you good overview. Plus it should be mounted longitudinally to make it equally easy to open on both tacks.

So as usual, since there is nothing like this available for buying, I had to make my own:

The drawer fronts are not on yet, because since the unit does not fit in through the door it is made as a kit and assembled on the inside. It will be connected to the heat exchangers when we get to Stockholm.

  2 Responses to “Fridge and Freezer, pro style.”

  1. Couldn’t agree more!
    Your solution looks really good. It’s really good to have you as a forerunner coming up with loads of fantastic ideas for us “the followers” to try to copy or learn from.
    Is it as hot on Saareema as here in Stockholm?? Not the kind of temperature to be working in but still better than 15 degrees, storm and rain.
    Take care and keep up the good work

  2. 1 request and 1 proposal……
    Request: High POWER drawer stopper (or something similar) to prevent the drawer closing over fingers/arms/head (if in deep search mode)
    Proposal: extra insulation on the drawer sides to prevent heat dispersion when the drawer is open (if in deep search or serious cleaning mode)