Jul 162010

During the summer holidays there are always lots of little handcraft stores and local art exhibits sprouting in the Swedish countryside, hoping that people with lots of vacation time will make a stop. The same happens in Estonia. The Journeyman exhibit also gets its fair share of curious people stopping by. We have considered selling 1€ tickets to improve the budget situation…

Today we added a couple of more parts spread out outside the yard. It kind of looks like a wannabe art-in-nature installation, with the ruins of some Soviet era cranes in the background.

Approximately 30% of the yachts final weight is in this picture…

The keel now has the lifting cylinder mounted and the corrosion protection completed. The cylinder manufacturer put some really useless black epoxy paint on it, it is falling off immediately as you can see. But on the piston it doesn’t matter as the it is stainless anyway. The Cylinder and the keel itself are not, but as you can see the dough-like ThorCoat flexible epoxy cover looks a bit more lasting. One of the visitors commented on this as a shitty paint job :-) But as old readers of this blog knows, this stuff is some of the most difficult to apply I have ever experienced!

…and I had to make one more glory shot of the 4.5 tons of lead in the sunset:

  2 Responses to “Countryside Exhibition”

  1. Looking forward to live action in a day or two!

  2. Thank you Peter for good collaboration in getting the pipes an motherboard over to Jesper.
    You get all the cred 4 cabling.
    I am so happy though we did not have to deal with keel and/or bulb.
    I don’t think my bike would withstand the weight.