Jun 282010

Olari has started to install the machinery that will lift the 5 ton keel up and down. The draft can be changed from 3.8 meters to 1.8 meters. This shallow draft is often necessary when entering small fishing harbors and secluded anchorages.

We were joking about this this morning, since the last two boats that he installed hydraulic steering on were connected backwards. So I am now taking bets on which way the keel will go when I press the Down button the first time. Up or Down? What do You think?

The keel hydraulics have one main lifting cylinder and three small locking cylinders to keep it in place when it’s down. You can see one of the locking cylinders (letters RB) in this image. The machinery does a funky automatic sequencing without any electronics involved, so that the locks do not engage until the keel is fully down, and then releases before it lifts. This has been copied from the passenger gangway of Hammarbyfärjan, by the way…