Jun 202010

OK, so there has been lots of small things that will be better if I get to build a second Journeyman. And some things that were designed wrong but could be easily changed while building. But this collision was not solvable without a major cockpit redesign:

As you can see the handle of the primary winches collides with the upper life line. Moving the winch backwards doesn’t help since the deck area is very narrow here. And if it moves towards the center-line it collides with the handle of the halyard winch. The halyard winch can’t move either, because then the angle from the locks becomes too steep. So… I’ll just have to live with this. If the Journeyman 60 was designed for racing it would be a bad problem, but since it is not, it isn’t. The winch is dual speed, so it can be operated without having the handle go full turns. And the lifeline can be unhooked very quickly using the pelican hook just in front of the handle.

Today was a pretty boring day otherwise. The yard in under big pressure to deliver another boat, so no one is working on the Journeyman. In the end I gave up and starting working on the other boat too, hoping we would get rid of it sooner so I can have the work-force back!

  6 Responses to “Biggest designer muck-up so far.”

  1. Kämpa på Jesper!

  2. Thats a bugger, but as you said: As you either can unhoock the upper lifeline or operate it in half circles its not really an issue.

    Have you thought about adding the option of extending the upper line and pull it down with some cord towards the rail? I don’t know but this might create the V-shape needed for he handle to work in complete circles without having to release the tension of the upper lifeline completely in the aft part.

  3. Seems a quite a problem to me. Usually you are heeled already, the genoa winch is tilted and you can’t make full turns. If there are big loads on the sheet then you might only be able to turn the winch one way. But that all depends on the loads and the ratios of the winch. Would a smaller handle help?

    Best of luck!

  4. If the load is too big for going both ways it will be too big for a smaller handle too.

    I have figured the good solution: We put a third attachment eye on the stanchion, in the middle between the upper and lower ones. The upper lifeline goes to this eye, and now the handle is clear. It will even look quite good, apart from the leftover eye at the top of the stanchion. And the length of lifeline I ordered has enough adjustment so that it will still fit!

  5. Hi Jesper, sounds like you have a solution fit for purpose! Well done.

  6. Happy you appeared to have found a solution! Keep it up!