Jun 112010

Lots of things are happening right now. Mostly machinery installations. But since most of the inside of the boat looks like a complete mess you will only get a picture of the outside:

The bow thruster has been install (the real, not the human version). So has the main engine, the windlass and some of the pumps. The fresh-water  and ballast tanks have been completely equipped and closed. Diesel tanks are almost done. All the deck equipment we currently have is installed. We are still waiting for a few parts here due to the never ending chaos that a certain transportation company is creating….

The interior is also starting to arrive, but I will give you pictures of that tomorrow on Monday….

  4 Responses to “Installation times”

  1. Fun to see that the good old fashioned hose clamp still has it’s uses even on a super modern ocean racer :)

  2. Fan va coolt med en bogpropeller som man skickar ut ur skrovet, det kände jag inte till …
    High-tech må jag säga!

  3. Hope the clamp is a special order or not meant to stay. They don’t mix with saltwater.

  4. Hehe well spotted! It’s a piece-of-shit clamp which is only there while we wait for the real ones from Sweden. W5 clamps with 200mm diameter could not be found on Saaremaa…